chrome hearts

Ohno Satoshi starred in the drama the world's first love in third to the official broadcast,
and achieved a 13.
1% rating.
Since its launch,
viewership has steadily risen.
The relationship between CP concentration and beetles closer: Misaki appear better impression of dumplings.
When the dumplings tread on air sudden situation,
let his love Lu added thorns,
Misaki felt and company president of love is very disgusting.
(mud triumph,
me!!!) At the same time,
in the play between the guest star and Sakurai Sho and Tian dumplings and the strong sense of CP may be a major cause of the bursting of the audience.
in this concentration,
most attract small attention or secretary sister (village dance son) that no place to put on a small expression.
Many buddy exclaimed Secretary sister who i